We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping Ukrainian culture and people flourish. During this difficult time of the brutal war, we aim to support, provide resources, and eventually help rebuild.

About Us

Our small but mighty non-profit was born in 2022 amidst the ranging war in Ukraine. Our long-term goal is to build a cultural center (first of it’s kind) – a virtual and physical place of gathering and belonging for all things Ukrainian and friends. The short-term goal is to support the local community of misplaced Ukrainians with resources and opportunities as they assimilate to their new reality in the U.S.

How You Can Help

Send Donation

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation. We also do accept standard cash and check donations. All of the donations are tax deductible as we are an official 501(c)(3) entity.

Become a Volunteer

You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of Ukrainians and their supporters.

Spread the Word

Whether you are telling others about our organization or informing others about what is happening in Ukraine, you are helping spread the awareness and garner support. Keeping Ukraine top of mind is paramount to our victory! Post, like, subscribe, spread the word – this is about human network after all!