About Us

Ukrainian Center Utah (UCUt) – ‘Dzherelo’ was born in 2022 to promote and preserve the Ukrainian culture in the state of Utah and beyond. ‘Dzherelo’ translates as the ‘Source.’ UCUt – Dzherelo therefore is a source of all things Ukrainian for people of Ukrainian descent and their friends in Utah. As a virtual and physical gathering place, we aim to connect with each other, share our stories and experiences, and celebrate the Ukrainian heritage. Whether you are a first-generation Ukrainian living abroad, a second-generation Ukrainian looking to reconnect with your roots, or simply someone with an interest in Ukrainian culture, this is a place of belonging for you.

In addition to connecting with all things Ukrainian, UCUt also offers a wealth of resources and programs for the Ukrainian community to thrive in the U.S. Some of the initiatives that are already under way include English language conversation circles, therapy choir, career consultations, and facilitation of employment and educational opportunities.

So why wait? Join us at the UCUt and start connecting with all things Ukrainian today!