Programs & Initiatives

Ukrainian Center Utah (UCUt) – Dzherelo offers a number of programs and initiatives to benefit the local as well as the Ukrainian communities of Utah. See below to learn more.

Current Offerings

Ukrainian Choir

One of the staples of the Ukrainian culture is singing. We created a choir for therapy purposes as well as to perform at the events in the community. By sharing our voices, we bring a part of the culture and a part of the Ukrainian soul to the audiences. To book the choir for your event, please send a message to

Career & Life Consultations

Whether its re-writing a resume, finding an employment opportunity, reinventing yourself through a different education path, or simply getting to know American values better, we are here to help all Ukrainians. We offer 1-hour complimentary consultation to get you on the path of possibilities and share resources for you to achieve success. Please book an appointment below to discuss your needs.

Ukrainian Cuisine

Another big staple of the Ukrainian culture, to no surprise, is food. We have a sister business ‘Mriya Cafe’ that sells all of the traditional dishes, including vareniki (pierogi), borsht (beet soup), holiptsi (cabbage rolls), a variety of baked goods, and more. 10% of all profit from ‘Mriya Cafe’ goes to UCUt. Stay tuned for ordering info.

Video Series – ‘My Story’

One of the ways to get to know our Ukrainian community is to have them tell their stories of how they got here. Especially relevant now are the heartbreaking stories of the war refugees who had to leave their lives behind and start anew in the U.S. ‘My Story’ series of video interviews will be a glimpse of extraordinary Ukrainians amongst us.

Let’s build something great together.